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Crypto-currency bitcoin. Try to think about it ...


Crypto-currency bitcoinCrypto-currency bitcoin - Everyone who is familiar a bit with bitcoins, has heard that they are not recognized at the official level, and there is very little information about their creator.

12 years for the use of bitcoins in Bangladesh
Residents of Bangladesh are prohibited from using crypto-currency. For this, you can get a criminal penalty of 12 years imprisonment. And you can be in prison for storing, selling or buying crypto-currency. Criminal punishment extends to tourists who came to the country to see showplaces and decided to use the crypto-currency.

Japan officially recognized Bitcoin as a monetary unit

This country is always one step ahead of the technology issue. While some states are thinking about recognizing bitcoins, Japan has ventured to take this step. Here bitcoins are officially on the move along with yen and dollars. The government of Japan managed to quickly establish a mechanism for taxation and use of electronic cash. However, most,stores still do not accept bitcoins as payment due to technical unpreparedness, but in the near future this defect will be corrected.

You can buy the citizenship of Vanuatu for crypto-currency
If in your bitcoin-purse there are 42 coins, then there is a chance to become a citizen of Vanuatu. This is a small island country near Australia. Unfortunately, the infrastructure is poorly developed. Recently, Vanuatu suffered from a strong earthquake, and the state plans to send the beatcoins to restore the affected economy. For 42 bitcoins, all family members receive citizenship if they are not more than 4 If more, then for each following, 1
bitcoin should be added.

Since the appearance of this currency, it has risen in price several thousand times. Those, who bought the currency five years ago or earlier became millionaires. Experts say that the cost of electronic cash will rise to 70 or more thousand dollars. It is worth thinking about this ...


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