Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The new Trend of this Season: Jeans with Holes on the pope !!!


Let's go for shopping! Faster!!!Let's go for shopping! Faster!!! - A popular new trend is jeans with holes. Despite their prevalence, most of us ask the question: "Why do they cost more than even whole jeans?!"

When you go out on the street, you can hardly find somewhere a place without people in ragged jeans. Naked knees, shins and even hips - now this is normal. But that is not all! Manufacturers went even further!

The British brand "PrettyLittleThing" created new jeans that open ... buttocks! New jeans from «PrettyLittleThing» undoubtedly attract attention, - fashionable critics and lovers of extravagant things.

Some people even ask the manufacturer: "Are you, by chance, crazy?". Is it possible to feel comfortable in such jeans? And who wants to hear a characteristic crackle from behind, as soon as you try to sit down?

On the brand's website, jeans are available in two colors: black and blue. Although, if they  will be in demand, their range can expand. Jeans cost 34 US dollars.

The only obvious plus of these jeans is that with them you can stop caring about your appearance, because people (especially men) will still see only your dazzling buttocks!!!

Therefore, probably, that new Trend is already actively spreading in Instagram.


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