Thursday, 23 May 2019

Hackers robbed the casino through the "Smart" Wi-Fi thermometer


If you have an aquarium at home - check your bank accountIf you have an aquarium at home - check your bank account - Hackers from Finland stole the data of the American casino, having penetrated into its database through a clever thermometer that regulates the water temperature in the aquarium, reports «The Sun».
About the incident that occurred last year, said the head of the security agency "Darktrace" Nicole Egan. Hacking was carried out in an original way - through the connected to the Internet thermometer of a decorative aquarium, they managed to bypass the security system and pumped out about 10 GB of information relating to casino visitors. The list included well-known politicians, businessmen and celebrities, writes «Business Insider».

"It was a very subtle, unusual theft," – Nicole Egan noted. According to the expert, such a story underscores the need for reliable protection of companies like casinos and the danger of Internet gadgets of things. According to Nicole Eagan, crackers found out that in the foyer of a large casino is an aquarium with a remote temperature control system. Hackers used the connection of an Internet-connected thermometer to be attached to the internal network. Relying on this communication channel, they were able to unload the casino database into the cloud.
According to experts, the development of the Internet of things opens up great opportunities for cybercriminals. "There are a lot of devices on the Internet - from thermostats, refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems to the Alexa gadgets brought by employees to offices. This expands the surface of the attack, and most of them are not covered by traditional defense,"- Egan said.
In March, experts on cyber security identified a new modification of the Mirai virus: it not only exploits the vulnerabilities of devices from the Internet of things, but also turns such gadgets into a proxy server. This allowed hackers to pass through the infected devices harmful traffic and increase the attack power.


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