Thursday, 23 May 2019

The airline Emirates plans to abandon the portholes in its aircraft


You must try it!You must try it! - The airline Emirates introduced a new first-class cabin on the newly acquired liners Boeing 777-300ER. They don’t have portholes.

Instead of the windows with glasses, passengers are invited to look at the sky and the earth overboard the plane with the help of "virtual windows". Where there are portholes in ordinary aircraft, in the first class of Emirates there are round screens, on which the images from the cameras installed on the aircraft skin are displayed.

The image is "so high-quality that everything looks much better than if you look with your own eyes", - says president of Emirates Tim Clark.
"Imagine: you get on an airplane, on the fuselage of which there is not a single window outside, but when you get inside you see the portholes",- he says.

In the future, the company intends to use liners, in which there will be no portholes at all.

Clark believes that this will optimize the structure of the aircraft.
"The design of the fuselage without windows doesn’t have structural weaknesses, the airplane becomes easier, flies faster, higher, and spends much less fuel",- Clarke says.

According to the professor of the British Cranfield University Graham Braithwaite, aircraft without windows can be unsafe: in emergency situations flight attendants need to see themselves what is happening behind the board. Also, such an innovation can cause passengers discomfort. "This aircraft can easily cause an attack of claustrophobia, the flights are a source of stress for many",- says Braithwaite.

However, the European Aviation Safety Agency stated that they don’t see any problems in this. "We don’t see any difficulties that could not be overcome in order to provide the same level of security as in aircraft with portholes",- the representative of the regulator said.


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