Thursday, 23 May 2019

The observer says Meghan Markle been absolutely replaced by a creepy robot


Image for representationImage for representation -  After undergoing a series of cold wars with her husband, Donald Trump, president of the United States, now, any observer knows that Melania Trump has already been absolutely definitely been replaced by a robot.

In 2017, Melania Trump has become the centre of a bizarre on Twitter after people became convinced that a body was being used to play her for TV appearances.

Some people even went as far as to suggest that she had been replaced by a robot.

The speculation started when Mrs Trump appeared beside her husband, the President, on the South Lawn of the White House wearing large sunglasses which were covering a lot of her face.

She stood next to President Trump as he spoke to reporters and maintained a sombre expression, without saying anything. At that time, President Trump try[ing] to convince the media it was his wife.

On the Britain’s Got Talent final, an appearance also made shock many people in the UK while saw the appearance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Because Markle looks like a woman without lifeless.

So, has Meghan Markle also been substituted for a creepy android ?

And what’s really happening?

Is Prince Harry actually married to a cyborg?

And many people on YouTube are absolutely convinced that Meghan Markle may have been replaced with a cyborg. 

Oh,  no.

What’s happening is that this isn’t Meghan, or indeed Harry, at all. 

It was a couple of waxworks who form Madame Tussauds’ newest attraction. The reason why Meghan looks a little lifeless is that she is made of wax.

The pair are the new figures  at the iconic London attraction, and they made their public debut on the Britain’s Got Talent final. They’ll be on display at the Baker Street.



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