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Real Disney princess story which happens in the real world


Princess Mako from JapanPrincess Mako from Japan - All this time, we often watch or read the story of fictional princess in books or films. However, the story of real-life princess can be just as interesting too.

1.       Princess Mako of Japan

On May 17th last year, Princess Mako was reported to marry a commoner named Kei Kumoro. Kumoro works in a law firm in Tokyo while studying in Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. He and Mako knew each other after a friend introduced them in 2012. They started dating and Kumoro proposed to Mako after a year of dating. Mako knew she would lose her title if she married a commoner. However, she chose the man she loved over her title as princess. They will marry this year.

2.       Princess Mary of Denmark

Before, Mary was just an ordinary girl. However, it all changed after she met Prince Frederik in 2000 in Sydney. At the time, she did not know that Frederik was the crown prince of the Kingdom of Denmark. They spent their first year in a long distant relationship. Frederik often stole some times to go to Australia just to visit Mary. In 2001, Mary moved to Denmark and their relationship became the center of attention. They married on May 14th 2004. “From today on, we officially belong to each other. I love her and will protect her with my love,” Frederik said during his wedding.

3.       Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Like Mary, Claire was an ordinary girl, before she met Prince Felix of Luxembourg when studying in College Alpin International Beau Soleil. On December 13th 2012, the kingdom confirmed their relationship. They married on September 17th 2013. Claire officially gained the title of Princess Claire and was called Royal Highness.

4.       Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Mette-Marit was a servant and to top it all, she was a single mother. The crown prince of Norway, Prince Haakon fell in love with her despite all that and he insisted on marrying her, despite their relationship not being approved by his parents. They married on August 25th 2001 although many public members did not approve of their relationship. However, they still live happily even until today.

5.       Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Marie-Chantal was born in London, England, from a business-oriented family. She studied in New York University, art major. However, she did not finish it because she married Greek Prince, Pavlos. Prince Pavlos proposed to her when the couple went on vacation in Swiss during Christmas. The couple now already has five children. 


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