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Facts about Jackson Odell, the actor who died at the age 20


Jackson OdellJackson Odell - On June 8th 2018, Jackson Odell, a Hollywood actor was found dead. He died at the age of 20. There was no sign of violence, but the cause of his death is still unknown. Odell became popular through US sitcom The Goldbergs. Here are some facts about him that you may want to know.

1.       Started acting at the age of 12

Odell started his debut in acting world at the age of 12. He played in teenage films like Judy Moody and Not Bummer Summer. He also appeared as cameo in some productions like Arrested Development, iCarly and Modern Family.

2.       He was also a singer and songwriter

Other than actor, Odell was also a singer and songwriter. He wrote soundtracks for the film Forever Your Girl, one of them being “Wings of Angel” which was sung by Lauren Alaina. Jacson also wrote the song “Hopeless Game” for the soundtrack of Redemption.

3.       He promoted his music through Youtube

Odell promoted his music through Youtube. Aside from his original songs, he also posted cover songs from other artists, like “Stay” of Rihanna and “Hold On” of Alabama Shakes. His channel was quite popular with 39,000 subscribers. He also taped videos that teach how to play certain songs with acoustic guitar.

4.       He was a fan of Bob Dylan

Odell admitted that Bob Dylan had been his inspiration in writing music. He even congratulated the legendary singer during his birthday through Instagram. He played some of Bob Dylan’s song which he posted on Youtube.



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