Monday, 27 May 2019

Facebook released its new feature to celebrate of the 2018 Russian World Cup


Image for illustrationImage for illustration -  To celebrates of World Cup 2018 in Russia, Facebook also releases itsnew features in Messenger app, both on Android or on iOS platform. 

The features with ball themed, will be available through the latest updates on the Play Store and App Store.

As reporting from Phone Arena on Wednesday, June 13 2018, the users of Facebook Messenger can play many games with themed of World Cup and their chats will become more exciting with the addition of fun filters themed ball.

Then, there is also a notification feature to remind the day before the game begins, for the users who football lovers.

They will be given an animated message that will be displayed in Facebook news feed. The message is to invite them to join with their favorite team at the World Cup.

When the message has clicked, they can update their profile picture frame with the frame of the ball team of their choice. The profile frame is available for all 32 teams that competing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In addition, new animated rows will also be add and it can be used to celebrate their favorite teams. 

So when users write 'Gooaal', it will appear some animation celebration.

And this animation will be automatically enabled by posting comments with the correct word.





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