Thursday, 23 May 2019

The first lady of the USA fell into depression: the best psychologists of the country work with her


First Lady of America Melania TrumpFirst Lady of America Melania Trump - First Lady of America Melania Trump is in deep depression after her husband's accession to the office of president. The reason for this is a series of scandalous revelation of Donald Trump's personal life and Melania itself. They have already begun to compare with the Kardashian family.

Recently, the first lady and her family are the object of close attention of journalists. Constant intrigues and scandals concerning the personal life of her and the US president, very badly affected the psychological state of Melania.

Melania Trump did not want to be the first lady of America. And after the inauguration of her husband, her life has turned into a nightmare. So, Melania sued after the publication of the British newspaper "Daily Mail", which stated that the current first lady in the 1990s provided escort services.
This exposure has not received objective evidence. And just the other day, one of the beauties of the porn-industry announced its intimacy with President Donald Trump.

Close to the family of the president sources say, that the wife of the 45th president of America is in the strongest depression, tired of constant scandals and nostalgic for those times when she lived a normal quiet life.

At the moment, the best psychologists of the country work with Milania.


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