Thursday, 23 May 2019

Had disappeared for 30 years, the wild polio disease is back in the Southern America


Image for illustrationImage for illustration -  A child in Venezuela was reported by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was diagnosed with polio. 

This incident is quite embarrassing,  because polio is considered as a disease that has been successfully to removed in the Western Hemisphere since 1989.

The boy aged two years and 10 months old getting first symptoms of paralysis since April 29 2018. And the disease continues to develop until the complications has arise on May 31 2018.

PAHO also calls the child not getting the immunization of polio. 

After the economic of Venezuela has collapse due to unstable political, it's very difficult for Venezuela  to get medical supplies.

Dr. Jose Manuel Olivares of the Committee on Social Development called this incident was unacceptable. 

According to him, it's already nearly 30 years, the disease was successfully to  controlled, so it's not to infect anyone.

"The return of polio, diphtheria and measles, it's because the immunization planning is really lacking," said Dr. Jose as quoted by CNN on Thursday, June 14 2018.

The further investigation found another child aged 8-year-old from same community with symptoms of paralysis. 

From the information of his parent, it's known that he only get one dose of vaccine, when it should be a child with his age, should have four doses.

"If this is really a wild virus, so the impact is very great. For 30 years, America never has been a record with wild polio cases," said Dr. Julio Castro from Central University of Venezuela.






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