Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Two Chinese tourist should expelled from a Japanese restaurant because their disgusting behavior


Image for illustrationImage for illustration -  The Japanese society was known for its clean and polite eating habits. And there are many eating etiquettes especially about the cleanliness when eating, that must you known when you have a trip to the Land of Sakura.

And, some time ago two Chinese tourists came to a restaurant in Japan, who called have disgusting behavior by one restaurant waiter "All You Can Eat Gyu-Kaku BBQ" in Osaka, Japan.

The video of two Chinese tourists became viral on social media after one women who was eating at the restaurant recorded the incident.

In a video that recorded on early last month, a waiter was asking the two tourists to get out from the restaurant.

"You do not have to pay what you eat, but please come out from here. You take the food and it is really too much, and I've never seen a filthy behavior like you do before," the waiter said.

As quoted from a Japanese media, the waiter said that both chose a buffet menu until 90 minutes. And it passed the time limit, because they only have time for 30 until 40 minutes. 

And the waiter also found many shrimp skin that scattered on their dining table.

But the two women felt they were being treated unfairly. They feel that the Gyu-Kaku BBQ restaurant was discriminates with them because they are Chinese people.

The woman who recorded the incident also added the waiter was getting annoyed when she started to recording.

But the citizens from Chinese says as quoted from Nextshark on Thursday, June 14 2018, there is no clear evidence of a discriminating restaurant as well as evidence showing the two women actually have 'disgusting behavior'.






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