Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Very unique, Japan provides vending umbrella machines for tourist


Umbrella machines for touristUmbrella machines for tourist -  Traveling to Japan in summer is no less fun than travelling in spring. But the tourists must be willing to bring an umbrella to everywhere, because when entering the summer, Japan will get rain and storms. 

But, if you forget to bring an umbrella, do not worry, because there is a vending machine that provides an umbrella.

As quoted from Sora News 24 on Saturday, June 16 2018, the vending machine from Dydo Company has provides free umbrella rental services.

Tourists who want to wear it, just take the umbrella without paying. And, the tourists also did not have to buy a drink first to rent an umbrella. 

But, after the tourists finish to use the umbrella, they must return it to any Dydo vending machines,  that was easy to find in Japan.

As reported by Japan Times, Dydo Company provides umbrella rental in vending machine since 2015 ago. Initially,  vending machine is only used in Osaka. 

Based on Dydo survey in 2016, about 70% of people who borrow an umbrella actually to return it.

So, they decided to makes many vending machines and placed it in various regions in Japan, such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Yamanashi, Nagano and Niigata. 

They have a plan, in 2018 they will provide about 500 vending machines in 16 prefectures.

From all the existing umbrellas, about 40% of umbrellas are provided by Dydo, while the rest from Japanese rail service providers. 

Because, not infrequently there are many umbrellas that left by tourists while riding the train at the station.





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