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Designer presents pregnant men on his fashion show event


one of the model of Xander zhou on his fashion showone of the model of Xander zhou on his fashion show - London Fashion Week Men's series was held in London, England. Also showcasing his works, Chinese designer, Xander Zhou who includes models of 'pregnant' men on the catwalk.

In a demonstration held at Queen Elizabeth Hall in Southbank Center, London, on Sunday, June 10th 2018, appeared a model of a white man with a white shirt inscribed 'New World Baby' as an opening. The shirt is rolled up so it exposes the model's 'pregnant' belly.

Following then, a row of male models being through the third trimester of pregnancy. Of course, it's just a prosthetic stomach. Reporting from Dazed, he is a make-up artist, Isamaya French who was behind the artificial belly.

Not only the model of 'pregnant' men, the demonstration also features a six-armed model, a bright yellow neon wig, and explore the colored metal material that creates a futuristic impression.

For the collection of Spring 2019, Xander Zhou chose alien and cloning technology as his inspiration. "It's my vision of the future I'm not designing based on fashion elements It's not the right world for me But I'm trying to create a collection as my own story and show the model as a character" said the designer as quoted by WWD .

In the midst of his busy life as a designer, Xander Zhou is currently serving as director of the menswear collection for the Chinese version of The New York Times T Magazine.

Xander's first educational background was industrial design before he finally deepened the art of fashion design in the Netherlands. In 2007, he founded his fashion label that characterized urban. Although based in China, the collection is routinely presented at London Fashion Week. Currently, Xander's work has been sold in a number of popular boutiques among them is Hypebeast, one of them is the Opening Ceremony of the United States and Japan.


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