Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Two brides: Kaitlin Jenner (Kim Kardashian father) will play a wedding with the model, who also transformed her male gender to a female


Kaitlin Jenner (Bruce Jenner before) and Sophia HutchinsKaitlin Jenner (Bruce Jenner before) and Sophia Hutchins - Ex-husband Chris Jenner, who became a woman in 2015, finally gained his personal happiness. Now Kaitlin Jenner marries a transgender model who is 48 years younger than her.
The personal life of Bruce Jenner, who three years ago decided to change his sex, finally got better. 68-year-old stepfather of Kim Kardashian met the girl of his dreams - 21-year-old transgender Sophia Hutchins.

The Olympic champion in athletics Bruce Jenner, who has become a woman named Kaitlin for several years, has finally found his happiness and is going down the aisle. According to the British edition «The Mirror», the chosen of celebrity is model Sofia Hutchins, who is also a transgender and used to be a man named Scott. Rumors about love affair Kaitlin and Sofia appeared in early spring 2018. However, the couple didn’t confirm their romance, despite the fact that they were often seen together at various events.

Now Kaitlin and Sofia are practically inseparable. The young model gladly shares joint images with Jenner in her Instagram.

Realizing that they are well together, lovers decided not to delay marriage and intend to quickly legalize their relationship by playing a wedding in Malibu. The couple, organizing the celebration, is already living together.

Will the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family attend the ceremony, is still unknown. Kaitlin's ex-wife, Chris Jenner, with whom she lived for 24 years, the daughters Kendall and Kylie, as well as the children of Chris from the first marriage, who were brought up by Bruce, took his decision to become a woman  without drama.


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