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Known for the nuclear explosions in the past, this city will be a place for music festival


The Chernobyl cityThe Chernobyl city -  The Chernobyl city in the Ukraine, was known for the nuclear explosions in the past.

But now, the city will being the place for a music festival that will held on August 31 2018. The festival aims to revive the dead city since the 1986 nuclear explosion.

The idea of the festival came from the founder of the Chernobyl Wel tour agency named Dominik Orfanus.

For information, Chernobyl Wel is one of the tour agencies that guide the tourists around Pripyat city, one of the cities that must evacuated after the nuclear explosions.

"Many tourists who came to this city are curious about the life of workers in the Chernobyl and about the condition of abandoned areas after 30 years," Dominik said as quoted by Lonely Planet, June 20 2018.

Domiki added, "A festival seems to be the best way to help the zone looks more live."

Chernobyling Festival will be held around the power plant. The festival will feature some DJs, rock, metal, electronic and street performing arts.

Chernobyl became very famous after the nuclear explosion on April 26, 1986. The explosion was occurred because the failure of experiments Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

All of areas in  Ukrainewith a radius of 30 KM from where the blast, should be evacuated for safety. 

Since then,  the site of the explosion is called as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.




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