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A yacht company made the biggest sushi roll in the world, for commemorate of Sushi Day in Japan


The biggest sushi in the worldThe biggest sushi in the world -  A yacht company, Holland America Line deliberately to make this giant sushi to enliven the International Sushi Day which fell on June 18 last.

The company made the largest sushi in the world in a cruise ship that sailing to Norway.

As reported from The Daily Meal on June 19 2018, the giant sushi named "World Mega Roll". 

That sushi has a length of 1,490 cm.

Each piece of sushi roll has a length of 91 cm and a thickness of 7.6 cm and weighs 45 kg.

This giant sushi is made by Chef Andy Matsuda and his team on the boat deck pool.

To make the biggest sushi in the world, they needed about 31.7 kg rice, 150 pieces of nori, 5.8 kg of crab meat, salmon, tuna, shrimp, tobiko, tamago, cucumber, onion, and radish. Unfortunately, there is no soy sauce as a complement to this giant sushi.

This action is also used as a campaign of Holland America Line to announce the existence of a new yacht that will operate. 

As information, there will be a yacht type Ms Nieuw Statendam which will be launched in December 2018.  

Later on in the new cruise ship there will be Chef Matsuda's Nami Sushi restaurant. 

Chef Matsuda is personally responsible for all sushi that presented at Tamarind since 2016. Tamarind itself is an Asian fusion restaurant that got some award from Holland America cruise ships.





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