Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Robert De Niro slanged with bed words Trump on the air and became applause


Robert De Niro is against Trump's politicsRobert De Niro is against Trump's politics - Actor Robert De Niro slanged US President Donald Trump at a ceremony of awarding the Theater Award «Tony”, which was broadcast live. The artist's phrase caused a storm of applause, writes «The Telegraph».

De Niro was supposed to present the audience musician Bruce Springsteen, who won the «Tony Award» for Honor of theatrical achievements. The artist approached the microphone and said: "I will say only one thing - ***** [to hell with] Trump."

It is noted that the theater actors, directors and producers sitting in the hall began to applaud vigorously. After the applause, De Niro summoned Springsteen to the stage, urging him to fight "for the truth, openness and conscientiousness of the state."

The TV-cannel CBS, which broadcast the event, managed to encrypted De Niro's obscure phrase.

In February, the artist made a speech at the World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates, where he said that the United States suffers from temporary insanity.


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