Friday, 22 Feb 2019

The lips of a woman started oozing yellow gunk after a filler treatment in a beauty clinic


Charlotte NealeCharlotte Neale -  After doing a blowjobs, the lips of a woman started to oozing yellow gunk after a filler treatment. The 26-year-old woman claims that she was left with painful, lumpy and uneven fillers.

Before, the woman named Charlotte Neale said that she paid £170 for treatment at BeautyBox By Maggie in Hornchurch, Essex, in September 2017.

But, one day after the treatment, she felt pain in her lips. After complaining, she  was told to keep massaging her lips to even them it from her lips, and the BeautyBox 
 offered her to another round of fillers for the same price. 

But, when she returned to the clinic for more fillers in January, she said that she looked like a massive fish.

Charlotte said, "The fillers moved out of my lips and towards my nose and cheek, leaving me in so much pain, and I couldn’t eat or leave the house for days."

Charlotte decided to share a gruesome video of her lips to warn others. 

But, Dan Dye, other customer of  BeautyBox slammed Charlotte on Facebook. He wrote, "Beautyboxbymaggie did not do that to your lips. How dare you bad mouth the company and wrongly accuse us of anything."

"Six months after you left the clinic you go and now, you have something to squeezed out your lip." he added.

The owner of the clinic, Magda Gouzd, said she agree with what Dan said and insists Charlotte’s lip fillers were done correctly. Magda claimed she was targeted personally over Facebook by Charlotte.

"I have many clients who are extremely happy with my service, I would not have the business now if people was not happy with my work. And if there is ever a problem with my clients’ lips I would never turn them away, I would always offer to even them out (adding more filler to the side that needs it) or dissolve any lumps where the filler may have formed together. "




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