Harry Kane’s dream to win ballon d’Or


Harry Kane’s dream to win ballon d’OrHarry Kane’s dream to win ballon d’Or - Harry Kane had goals in his career.

He wants that one day, he will be able to win the Ballon d'Or as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi get.

Individually, Kane is a top Premier League strikers in two seasons.

He scored a total of 75 goals during the last three seasons, the most numerous among other players.

But Kane realized that individual capability alone is not enough to win the Ballon d'Or. According to him, he must also be able to bring Tottenham Hotspur or United Kingdom national team to be a champion.

"Who wouldn't want to grab that big gold trophy? For that, you should win the big tournaments, for club and country," said Kane as reported by Sky Sports.

"Ronaldo won the European Cup and Champions League and that is part of the reason why he often grabbed it (Ballon d'or). Manchester United are in similar situations. "

"For that, it's not just the individual, I think it's also part of the team to grabbed the trophy. That's what we wish we could do in Tottenham. and of course I want to grab that trophy one day, "he said.

Kane made Ronaldo as a role model. According to him, Ronaldo had a champion mental that makes him different.

Consistency in big game, such as when helping Madrid win the Champions League with scored two goals in the final, called Kane as Ronaldo’s positive impact.



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