AirAsia collaborated with Naelofar Hijab to design women pilot hijab


AirAsia collaborated with Naelofar Hijab to design women pilot hijabAirAsia collaborated with Naelofar Hijab to design women pilot hijab - A lot of muslim women decide to become pilots including international airline of AirAsia.

To accommodate the needs of muslim female pilot who worked in the company, AirAsia is now preparing a special hijab that collaborated with Malaysia hijab brand.

Reported by A Traveller from Australia, AirAsia recently in collaboration with the brand Malaysia Naelofar Hijab owned by Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor to design the official uniform as the hijab from the low-costairline.

Hijab for woman pilot of AirAsia and AirAsia X was already beginning to incur in June 2017.

"This is the first time AirAsia is collaborating with designers to produce headscarves. We are delighted to team up with Naelofar Hijab to complement the appearance of our female pilot as well as provides comfort when they are running the task,"said Rudy Khaw, Regional Head of Branding of AirAsia.

Model headscarf designed exclusively for AirAsia form instant colour veil offwhite.

From the account @naelofarhijab Instagram, explained if instant hijab is made from good material so that it is convenient to use for daily activities.

When worn by the pilot, the veil certainly put in uniform so it looks neat. The uniform is a black and white monochrome of AirAsia pilots.

As the owner of the brand Naelofar Hijab, Neelora claims to be pleased to collaborate with AirAsia. She also thanked in his personal Instagram.

AirAsia currently has 55 female pilots, 12 of whom wear headscarves.

About the future plans, AirAsia will also update the design for its company's staff.

"We are also considering updating the design of hijab to another staff," added Rudy.



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