Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Ahead of simultaneous elections, the price of chicken meat is soaring


IllustrationIllustration - Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, the government has set a national holiday for tomorrow, because the elections will be held simultaneously. Prices in some traditional markets in Pekanbaru are normal.

From the data of the Department of Industry and Trade (DPP) Pekanbaru noted that the price of chicken meat experiences a soaring. Currently chicken meat sold at IDR 28 thousand per kg from the normal price of IDR 22 thousand per kg.

Increasing price also applies to garlic from IDR 20 thousand to IDR 26 thousand per kg and chili pepper from IDR 40 thousand to IDR 50 thousand per kg. While the beef is still at IDR 120 thousand per kg, chicken eggs IDR 1.500 per grain, red chili origin Bukittinggi IDR 35 thousand per kg, and onion IDR 23 thousand per kg.

Head of DPP Pekanbaru, Ingot Ahmad Hutasuhut conveyed that the price fluctuation caused by the availability of stock, no relation with elections at all. "The price tends to be stable, if the price increase of chicken meat due to the stock is decreasing since the week of Eid" he said.

However Ingot mentioned that the public need not worry. Because it will continue to monitor prices in the market even though the moment of Ramadan and Eid have passed.


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