Friday, 22 Feb 2019

To resolve PJU problems, secretary of Pekanbaru city met with GM PLN WRKR


IllustrationIllustration - Warming news about previously done by Pekanbaru city government in case of electricity payment arrears amounting to IDR 37 billion for street lighting.

However, on Tuesday, June 26th 2018, after the mediation conducted by Suripto Irianto as the Head of Pekanbaru State Prosecutor Office between Pekanbaru City Government with PT PLN (Persero) Riau and Riau Islands Region has a result.

Secretary of Pekanbaru city, M. Noer accompanied by officials of Pekanbaru Municipal Government conduct visits to the office of PT PLN (Persero) Riau and Riau Islands meet directly with General Manager PT PLN (Persero) Riau Riau and Kepri M. Irwansyah Putra.

In the meeting both parties did good communication to straighten out the previous miscommunication between the Municipal Government of Pekanbaru and PLN.

Both parties are also committed to jointly implement agreements that have been signed together between the city government Pekanbaru with PT PLN (Persero) Area Pekanbaru.

The agreement consists of two points. First, to maintain the security and comfort of the city of Pekanbaru then PLN Pekanbaru Area is willing to reignite Lighting Public Road (PJU) as the original condition.

Secondly, all problems related to PJU account billing by the second party (PLN) to the first party (Pekanbaru Municipal Government) will be discussed again by both parties on Thursday, June 28th  2018 by mediated again by the Chief of State Prosecutor Pekanbaru.

Pekanbaru City Government represented by the Secretary of Pekanbaru City, H. M. Noer and General Manager of PLN Riau and Riau Islands Region, M. Irwansyah Putra apologize to the entire community of Pekanbaru City for the inconvenience that occurred several days due to the Termination of Public Street Lighting.

Both sides hope that this agreement will also make the relationship between PLN with government of Pekanbaru city that has been running better more harmonious again.


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