Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Scientists create a translator from the language of animals to human language


Very soon we can understand each other!Very soon we can understand each other! - If you want to communicate more effectively with your pets, understand everything they want to tell you, then in ten years it will also be easy to do, as today instantly translate someone else's speech.

The professor of biology at the University of Northern Arizona Kon Slobodchikov is convinced of this. He is the author of the study of the language and gestures of wild dogs, to which he devoted more than three decades. According to the biologist, animals have their own unique language, for example, they make special sounds when a predator appears. And depending on the size and type of danger, these sounds are completely different. Dogs are able to communicate specific information to their fellow tribesmen by means of certain signals. From here we can conclude, that animals fully communicate with each other, but their language is completely different from human and is perceived by us as a meaningless set of sounds.

AI will help to create a unique translator.
The professor wants to use artificial intelligence to create a full-fledged interpreter of animal sounds and gestures in English. Currently, for this purpose, is organized the company "Zoolingua", which in 10 years can launch such a unique device on the market. At first it will be a translator of the language of wild dogs, but later translators of domestic dogs, cats and so on will also appear. That is, in the late twenties - early thirties of this century, people will be more easily and productively communicate with animals and, first of all, with their favorite pets.


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