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Arapaima fish, the predator fish which becomes the luxury dish abroad


Arapaima fishArapaima fish - The discovery of Arapaima fish in the Brantas River is so horrendous. Who would have thought this fish has a high value and a fine meal in a fancy restaurant abroad.

Eight arapaima fish in Brantas River, East Java were finally captured. Its presence is feared will endanger the river ecosystem because arapaima fish are classified as predators that prey on other types of fish.

Originally arapaima or paiche or pirarucu fish live in the river South America precisely in the Brazilian Amazon and Peru. Arapaima fish is one of the largest river fish in the world weighing up to 226 kg per head, reported by Food Network, July 3rd 2018.

Many marine researchers claim the arapaima fish is a living fossil that is directly related to the Jurassic period. Judging from the matter of the feasibility of consumption, this fish turns out have a good taste. Referred to in 1980 the Brazilian government briefly banned arapaima fishing for maintaining its habitat.

But in 2006 the Peruvian businessmen began to cultivate arapaima fish. Even in 2011, these fish appear in some restaurant menus in the United States.

Arapaima fish meat is white and has soft texture. The arapaima fish does not has a lot of bone and does not smell at all. In addition, arapaima fish is high in collagen content so that when it cooks, it will have a delicious crunchy texture on the outside.


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