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This place serves a taco with the price of USD 150,000 each


USD 150,000 tacoUSD 150,000 taco - It is reported by This Is Insider, on July 1st 2018, a resort in Mexico named Grand Velas Los Cabos is famous for its luxurious amenities. This time the resort has just launched a special dish of tacos, one of the most popular Mexican food. This snack cost USD 25,000.

To be able to taste this taco, you have to make a reservation a week before and pay a half deposit of the taco price.

This taco is a culinary masterpiece of Chef Juan Licerio Alcala, an executive chef from the Frida restaurant at the resort of Grand Velas Los Cabos. This resort is one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the world, so it seems the tacos are being sold in the right places.

The price is fantastic comparable to the composition using premium materials. A taco is stuffed with Kobe beef, Beluga Almas caviar, brie cheese, black truffle to corn tortillas coated with gold sheets.

"I made a taco by looking for the most premium product from Mexico and combining it with the most expensive ingredients found around the world" Alcala said in an interview with Condé Nast Traveler.

If this taco is still less fancy try a more luxurious package again. With a deeper pocket, you can enjoy a taco with premium tequila that will cost you USD 150,000.



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