Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

A reservoir in the UK reveals its secrets about village abandoned in 1935


The ghost town has rarely been spotted in recent days  The ghost town has rarely been spotted in recent days -  Who knew that in the past, the north west of England has its very own Atlantis? 

Mardale Green, a lost village in the north west of England  has been seen again after being submerged below a reservoir for decades, after the historically dry conditions have led to buildings being visible just a few metres of water.

Since 1935, Mardale Green has rarely been glimpsed after its residents were evicted from their homes to make way for the Haweswater Reservoir. Residents of Mardale Green were told to leave and some buildings were used as demolition practice by Royal Engineers after it was earmarked as the site of the reservation.

Since then, the reservoir has been a water source for Manchester and the village in Cumbria has been lost among deep water. 

Now, the dry spell  has revealed the eerie ghost town. A walker said: ‘If this dry spell continues without any rainfall the village of Mardale, which is now just two to three metres under water, will be completely revealed."

That village will shown the dry stone walls and the road leading up to the village. Before, it has been hidden beneath the murky water for all these years and is now silently rising from its watery grave gives an eerie feeling.

And the water levels at Haweswater have fallen by more than a metre in a matter of days thanks to the blistering heatwave. As quoted from the Met Office, this June was one of the five driest since records began in 1910, and rainfall in Cumbria was 60% of its average.




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