Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

A man hid a poisonous snake in his neighbor’s home after they had an argument


The poisonous snake The poisonous snake -  No doubt, humans can not be separated from other humans. It means that he absolutely needs others in their life, because humans can not be separated from neighboring life.

A neighbor is a familiar figure in our daily lives. Not infrequently, our neighbors is better know about our situation than our relatives who live far apart. When we are sick, the neighbor is the first people to help us.

No wonder, if we have to do good thing to them, because the impact of harmonious relations between neighbors brings good things in our lives.

But a bad things can also in neighboring life. Like the case of a man in Texas.

He bit the tail off a poisonous rattlesnake then hid it in his neighbor’s home after they had an argument.

Allegedly, the man named Felton Ryan Sauter, 39 ‘de-rattled’ the dangerous reptile with his teeth before hiding it in the term recreational vehicle (RV) where his enemy Keith Monroe lived.

But he was spotted trying to sneak out of the mobile home in Caldwell County, Texas by Monroe on shortly after the tussle on June 17 2018.

The suspicious RV-owner soon spotted the snake near the driver’s seat of the vehicle and killed it with a machete, before calling sheriff’s deputies. Sauter is now in jail on chjarges of deadly conduct and trespassing.




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