Friday, 22 Feb 2019

According to science, here are 6 reasons why people who was born on July is special


Image for representationImage for representation -  Many people believe that people who was born on July have own set of traits that make them stand out in the crowd. 

Because, they view life from their own lens and have got a charming personality.  

People born in July always look at the brighter side of everything. If there are hundred things going haywire around them, other people would see them smiling at the one thing that might be going right. In fact, research suggests that these people have a tendency to be ‘excessively positive’.

Not only that, the people who was born on July can become a great leader. The famous Roman leader named Julius Caesar was born on July 12 or 13th and his name is etched in the history of the Roman Empire. 

But guess what? 

He’s just a part of the long list of influential people born in this month. Other remarkable people born in this month include Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, US presidents (John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford and George W. Bush).  

According to a study done in Japan, people born in summer and spring are calm and composed by nature. In fact, they practice ‘effective control’ (the ability to voluntarily choose course of actions during conflict and to plan for the future) than the ones born in autumn or winter by the time they turn 18 months old.

According to a study done in the UK, people born in this month are less likely to pursue higher education degrees. Because the experts link this logic to the fact that July borns are the youngest in the classes. 

And a study concluded that babies born in this month tend to have higher average birth rate than the ones born in other seasons. Not just this, they grow taller than their counterparts.  

Researches have concluded that people born between March to July are more likely to be left-handed, and the ones born between August to February are more likely to be right-handed. Interestingly, the experts linked this finding to ‘seasonal variation in other factors such as the incidence of infectious agents’.



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