Friday, 22 Feb 2019

This ring broke the record because have the most diamonds set on it


Lotus flower diamond ringLotus flower diamond ring - The artificial ring of Indian jewelry artists managed to break the world record of having the most diamonds in a ring. This record has just been recorded in a world record book, Guinness World Records.

The ring of lotus flower is made from 6,690 diamonds. The diamond was neatly arranged on 18 carat gold rose ring. This amount is claimed to be the largest number of diamond stones ever in a ring.

The ring is the result of a collaboration of two jewelry artists in Surat, Gujarat namely Vishal Agarwal and Khushbu Agarwal. Vishal is the brain behind the design of the lotus flower. While Khushbu in charge of funding and providing resources for the ring.

The design of the lotus is chosen not without reason. Vishal and Khushbu have a social mission to raise awareness of the importance of water conservation. This lotus flower is the national flower of India and depicts the beauty that grows in the water.

"Due to the fame of the Guinness World Records title, we can use it to bring together people to work for a beautiful world" said Vishal and Khushbu quoted from the official website of Guinness World Records.

Vishal designed the lotus with 48 petals. In each of its petal, Vishal composed glittering diamonds. Vishal is assisted by craftsmen at Hanumant Diamonds, a jewelry shop owned by Vishal and Khushbu.

These two artists took six months to design this elaborate ring. The weight of this lotus flower ring reaches 58 grams or heavier than a golf ball. This size is much heavier than the ring in general. This luxury ring valued at USD 4.1 million or equivalent IDR 58, 9 billion.


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