Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Saving up his money from being online driver, this man is capable to watch 2018 world cup directly in Russia


Gojek driver in RussiaGojek driver in Russia - Roy claimed to have managed to save his money to travel to Russia from doing his job, delivering passengers for four years. "I earned about IDR 200 thousand to IDR 300 thousand per day" he said, on Monday, July 2nd.

He admitted, that his current salary is not as big as before, but he still can save some . Currently, his daily income in net is around IDR  100 thousand to IDR 150 thousand. When averaged, he earns around IDR 3 million to IDR 4.5 million per month. Within a year, Roy has income between IDR 36 million to IDR 54 million.

Roy who has an occupation of online driver, became viral after he shared the post, that he was in Russia watching a football game while wearing attributes of Go-Jek.

In some photos, Roy looks proud wearing a green jacket Gojek so typical, Roy also carries a red and white flag. "I am happy to be a Go-Jek driver because its jobtime is flexible " he said.

Roy's discipline of saving and accompanied by his determination to learn Russian languages ??and cultures at the Russian Cultural Center (PKR), in Menteng, Jakarta.

"At the beginning of the Russian course at PKR until the end of it, I drove my motorcycle from Blok M to PKR in Menteng, and I am increasingly fonding to the things from Russian" he said. This basic Russian-language skill makes it easier for Roy to communicate with local people.


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