Friday, 22 Feb 2019

People know about the harmfulness of plastic bags, but continue to use them


plastic bags are very harmful to the environmentplastic bags are very harmful to the environment - Researchers from India found that more than 90% of the inhabitants of this huge country have heard about the harmful substances that are contained in plastic bags. They know how dangerous these substances are to their health and to the environment, but they continue to use such packages. Most often this is due to a simple unwillingness to change the already habitual order.

In addition, plastic bags are affordable, and buying bags from other materials can be more expensive. Special paper bags in stores are more expensive than plastic ones, and besides, they are also more fragile, which means they are not very suitable for repeated use. At the same time, practice shows, that most plastic bags are used by people repeatedly.

Now in India they are gradually introducing a ban on the use of plastic bags. Practice shows that a huge amount of harmful plastic is accumulated in landfills in the country, which can cause lung diseases and even provoke some tumors. This material is not biodegradable, and it takes many hundreds years for it to decompose independently in nature. Meanwhile, special garbage processing enterprises in the country are not enough. A similar problem is observed in many other countries of the world.

It is worth thinking about it!!!


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