Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Hard to get a phone signal and many unfinished facilities, people complaint about Living World in Pekanbaru


Living Kitchen in the Living World PekanbaruLiving Kitchen in the Living World Pekanbaru - The official shopping center operating in the city of Pekanbaru at the end of May is still being a favorite by the community. This is because people who want to shop for household goods and office needs can get them in there.

Ace Hardware and Informa became the community's goal to date, in addition to the ground floor there are also various food and beverage places that are also crowded to visit. And for the children the main target is the playground on the 3rd floor and the ground floor.

However, there are some places that are still under construction, one of which is the cinema that is mentioned will be operating in August 2018.

For places to eat and drink are on the 3rd floor, got a lot of complaints, not from the confused payment system but from the community while sitting relaxed enjoying their food and drinks that usually while operating the smartphone they feel disturbed due to the difficult telecommunications network.

One visitor named Riko revealed feeling rather uncomfortable being in Living World area Living Kitchen. "The atmosphere is fun, we can see the view outside while looking at the sunset, but there is a less comfortable feeling here, phone signal is low, and this makes it less comfortable to sit for long time here" he said.

"You can see, there is an aid device above, but only one and thats not too good" he added.

In addition he also saw there are a lot of unfinish property there. "In addition to the low signals, there are also some places that look very dangerous, that there are some barrier glass walls that are not safety.While already given the writing 'do not lean" he said.

Until now there has been no response from the mall when being confirmed about the question of the complaints of mall visitors.


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