Friday, 22 Feb 2019

The first theatrical appetite show will be held in Indonesia


The Agony of Princess WuThe Agony of Princess Wu - For the first time theatrical appetite show was held in Indonesia. Entitled 'The Agony of Princess Wu', the stage takes place on Tuesday, July 10th 2018.

The idea of ??the presence of the staging comes from the spirit of a dozen students Event Management University Prasetiya Mulya who want to introduce immersive dining. It is a work that collaborates on food and theater performances.

Smara was formed to introduce immersive dining that is not known to the people of Indonesia. In a press statement received by detikHOT, 'The Agony of Princess Wu' was inspired from the true story that happened in 1915 about one of the family of the richest Chinese descent in Indonesia.

"Theatrical Appetite will carry the story titled 'The Agony of Princess Wu', which will provide a new experience in enjoying the fine cuisine typical of Indonesia in the 20th century," wrote the information received.

In foreign countries, immersive dining is well known. Like the Queen of the Night from the US, the Secret Studio Lab located in Hong Kong, The Murder Express that has been known in London, and others.

Spectators involved not only see or hear but also feel the common story happening in every family life. The show took place at DapurBabah, Central Jakarta and directed by Venantius Vladimir Ivan.


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