Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Black garlic, the most beneficial type of garlic for food spices or even for herbal medicine


Black garlicBlack garlic - Benefits of black garlic is believed to have stronger health benefits, compared to the benefits found in other types of onions. Black garlic may not be too familiar to some people. This is because basically this type of garlic is still rarely used when compared with the type of garlic in general. Like onion, red onions and usual garlic (white garlic).

Black garlic which often called 'magic black garlic' is the garlic which is processed naturally at a certain temperature and humidity.

So it will create a chemical formulation that produces black garlic type with the content inside which is used as a pharmacological for the health and vitality of the body.

In other words, this black garlic is garlic which fermented for a long time so that the garlic flesh turns to black. And unlike the usual garlic, black garlic has a soft texture, chewy, tasty, and the taste is rather sweet.

Benefits of this garlic has been long utilized in some parts of the world, one of them in Thailand. In addition to widely used as spices, black garlic has also been widely used as a useful herbal to maintain stamina and also used as a restorative.

Even in 2008, black garlic ever battled the contest in New York, United States as an alternative ingredient for health and also additional food spice. Because its infrequently in some developed countries, black garlic is widely used in classy cuisine and has even been used by various famous chefs in various countries and five-star restaurants.


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