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Can make you live longer to preventing cancer, these are the health benefit of black garlic


Black garlicBlack garlic - And after you know the various content of complete compounds contained in black garlic, here are various benefits of black garlic for health.

1. As anticancer

Diallyl sulphide content contained in black garlic is believed to have the anti-cancer trait that can prevent to destroy the various causes of cancer cells in the body.

In a research study, the content of PhIP in the form of HCA or heterocyclic amine is a substance that can trigger cancer such as breast cancer. The study found a substance that is used as a carcinogen that can inhibit the growth of PhIP that can trigger cancer. The substance is diallyl sulfide contained in black garlic. So if you want to have a healthy body, then mix the black onions in various types of your dishes.

2. Lowering high blood pressure

Other benefits of black garlic that can lower high blood pressure. According to WebMD sources, there is a study that successfully proves, by consuming black garlic regularly, can reduce high blood pressure up to 7-8%.

3. Lowering blood sugar levels

Another study has also proven that black garlic can lower blood sugar levels. So by eating these garlics regularly then blood sugar levels in your body will always be maintained. As for it is because some of the natural content in black garlic is known to help increase the production of hormone insulin which is useful to lower blood sugar levels.

4. Become a low-calorie nutrient

The nutritional content contained in black garlic is very much and very useful for the body. In 136 grams of black onion, contains 71% Vitamin C, 25% Calcium, 13% iron, 45% carbohydrate, and 3 gr of fiber or 11%.

The various content contained in black garlic itself is necessary for the body. But even so, inside does not contain harmful compounds such as calories and saturated fats. So the benefits of black garlic will protect the body from various harmful substances that can cause disease in the body.

5. Helps lower cholesterol in the body

There is a study that proves if the black garlics can reduce cholesterol levels in the body up to 15%. So if you want to have a healthy body then regularly eat this black garlic.

6. Serves as an antioxidant

One of the most popular and useful ingredients in black garlic is as an antioxidant that certainly can prevent various sources of diseases caused by toxins. So the black garlic is able to prevent the growth of disease sources, such as fungi, viruses, bacteria and worms that exist in the body.

7. Reduce the risk of obesity

If you are currently experiencing excessive weight and fear of developing into obesity, you should routinely consume this black garlic. The content of anti-inflamation substances contained in this garlic is able to regulate the fat in the body so it will make your body has the ideal body weight.

8. Treating toothache

The content of analgesic properties contained in black garlic is believed to remove bacteria that cause teeth to become unhealthy. Even the content contained in black onion is known to relieve toothache because the content of antibacterial and antiviral properties will eradicate all causes of toothache.

9. Reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease is a type of neurotoxic disease caused by free radicals that play a role in premature aging. Both of these diseases are mentioned can be prevented by consuming black garlic. This is because the content of antioxidants in it that has an important role in preventing the opsidative damage.

Thus, black garlic will work in reducing oxidative stress in a person with high blood pressure So that the benefits it has been able to help prevent brain diseases in general, especially Alzheimer's disease and also dementia.

10. Increase metabolism in the body

The content of ferroprotin in black garlic is able to help remove the iron that will be needed by proteins to improve the performance of cells in the body. So by consuming black garlic, then the body's metabolic system will become more smoothly.

11. Make youth and live longer

Although the age of someone has been arranged by god, but of course with the many benefits offered by this black garlic, which can prevent various types of diseases that are at risk of causing death. Like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer and many other diseases. In addition, the benefits of this fermentation garlic is also very good to remove mercury metal content in the body, increase endurance to eliminate scars. Even not only for the health benefits of black garlic or lanang is also very good for beauty. Among them can prevent premature aging of the skin, clear blackheads, remove black spots to remove acne on the face.


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