Friday, 19 Apr 2019

A Male reporter got sexual harassed by women while reporting 2018 world cup


Jeon Gwang-Ryeol kissed by women while reporting 2018 world cupJeon Gwang-Ryeol kissed by women while reporting 2018 world cup - Not only women, men can also be subjected to sexual harassment while they are working. As happened to a man who works as a reporter. He received treatment that was considered sexual harassment while reporting the 2018 World Cup news.

A video clip that shows a South Korean male reporter kissed by women during the World Cup becomes a sensation. Many social media users debated whether a known journalist named Jeon Gwang-Ryeol, whose cheeks were kissed twice by woman was sexual harassment or not.

On the video recorded, Gwang-ryeol looked dismissive when a woman kissed her cheek and continued his report. However, he becomes unfocused and laughed embarrassly when there was another woman who kissed him again.

The debate about the incident arose in Weibo, the largest social networking site in China. Users of Weibo asked why the actions of some Russian women fans were not criticized in the same way, as did the man who kissed the female reporter during a live World Cup broadcast some time ago.

As quoted from the BBC, other Weibo users are calling for gender equality between men and women. They revealed that the response to this incident shows that inequality still exists."Regardless of your gender, you are sexually harassed. A MBN reporter went to Russia to cover the World Cup and he was sexually harassed by two women" said another netizen.


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