Friday, 22 Feb 2019

The announcement from Kemenag about the departure of hajj pilgrims this year


H.Erizon Efendi,S.Ag H.Erizon Efendi,S.Ag -The departure of Haj pilgrims (JCH) for Riau province will be held on July 19th with Batam embarkation.

For the year 1439 H / 2018, the total congregation of Riau province is as much as 5501, and for the city of Pekanbaru is the largest pilgrims which is at 1,061, while for the Meranti Regency as many as 79 pilgrims. And for the TPHD congregation of 34 pilgrims.

While the attributes and equipment needs of the officers of the pilgrimage has been received at the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Thursday, July 5th 2018. The received is like emblems, hats, clothes, and bags.

Previously Head of Hajj and Umrah (PHU) Regional Office of Riau Kemenag H.Erizon Efendi, S. Ag gave information to pilgrims in Riau that for the visa can be done by accessing the website www.haji.kemenag.

"The Ministry of Religious Affairs makes it easy for pilgrims, visas can be printed on their own, to make it easier for visas to experience problems such as missing or damaged" he said.

"If the congregation is still confused how to use the site, they can ask for instructions to our officers at the office" he said again.

"The departure of the first kloter on July 19th, 2018. Departing through Batam embarkation" he said.

"In this year, for Riau, the total number of pilgrims going to Haj is divided into 13 kloters, and this year it is 5,050, more than last year which amounted to 5,030" he said.


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