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These are the most haunted inn in Japan


IllustrationIllustration - Japanese traditional inn, or what is called Ryokan, is very popular among tourists who want to feel the sensation of Japanese traditions. The building of a Ryokan is usually old-fashioned, and some of them are really old buildings. This is why some of them is inhabited by mystical beings called “Yokai” (similar to “jinn” or “spirit”) in Japan. Here are 4 most haunted Ryokan in Japan.

1.       Ryokufuso in Ninohe, Iwate

Ryokufuso is probably the most haunted Ryokan in Japan, with yokai inhabiting each of its rooms. One of the yokai said to inhabit the ryokan is Zashikiwarashi. This is a type of yokai from Iwate area which lives in the living room (zashiki) of traditional houses in a form of a child (warashi). Unlike other kinds of yokai who are considered malicious, Zashikiwarashi is said to be able to bring good luck and fortune to anyone who sees them. The story of Zashikiwarashi started 650 years ago. Kamemaro, the son of Fujiwara no Fujifusa lived inside a room called Enju no Ma and died at the age of 16 due to illness. He promised to protect the family forever. After that, he often appeared in front of patrons in a form of a little boy with bob haircut wearing a kimono. As time goes by, the room is filled with toys and dolls, as a sign of gratitude from people who gains fortune or luck after spending a night at the ryokan. However, the ryokan was caught on fire in 2009 and only opened again in May 2016.

2.       Hoshi Ryokan in Komatsu, Ishikawa

As one of the oldest hotel in world, the 1300-year-old Hoshi Ryokan can accommodate 400 patrons and offers rooms in 4 different buildings with various prices and features, complete with a hot spring. Although there is no ghost story in the ryokan, how the ryokan was built was said to be connected to supernatural things. In the year of 717, a Buddhist monk named Tacho Daishi spent a night on Mount Hakusan and in his dream, he was visited by the mountain spirit. The spirit told the monk to find a magical spring near Awazu Village and ordered him to turn it into a healing place for the people. The next day, Taicho Daishi did what he was ordered to, and with the help of the villagers, he dug the spring and built a ryokan to accommodate people that come to soak in the magical spring.

3.       Ichiryu Ryokan Inn in Kaizuka, Osaka

Ichirty Ryokan in Kaizuka, Osaka, can no longer accommodate people after becoming a ruin for the past 30 years. Nobody knows why the inn was taken apart, but there are rumors that it was connected to supernatural things. For example, the rumor of the owner dying from suicide by drinking poison. The owner is said to appear at the second floor’s window. There is also a story of the sound of someone crying in the corridor.

4.       Hototogizu Ryokan, in Hannan, Osaka

There is another haunted ryokan in Osaka that has fallen into ruin and that is Hototogizu Ryokan. The area near Yamanakadani Station was once a place full of business regarding hot springs. However, they were closed down. The stories that are told among civilians are about a woman wearing white dress that often seen walking around the area and about a homeless man who was found dead inside the ryokan’s building.


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