Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Part 2. Whih color of hair complies with your sign of zodiac


Find your perfect hair colorFind your perfect hair color - Part 2. Find your perfect hair color that matches your birthday.

Charming and dense, touching and tactful girl, born under the sign of Libra, perfectly suits the following: a few strands of paint in purple, blue or green shades. So the image will become very bright, unusual and exactly will not remain unnoticed in any company. For conservatives, it is better to make your own shade of hair brighter or to limit yourself with highlighting.

Girls born under this sign of the Zodiac are incredibly attractive and sexy. Such passionate natures are suitable hair, the color of which will have shade of fuchsia. It's fashionable and bold. It is also good golden-blond, chestnut-colored. And a gentle-red, almost peach shade.

The men always like Sagittarius-girl. She often likes to show off. Therefore, it is very suitable pixel-coloring. Or color of copper and bright-red. Such fiery girls are very beatiful with  bright colors.

Erudite, well dressed, always look amazing - it's all about the girls-Capricorn. For such beauties suitable silvery shade. Elegant and discreet. For conservatives - wheat-golden or shade of light caramel.

Always surrounded by fans, because the girls of this sign of the Zodiac are very charm. For the brave will suit a very trendy in this season blue shade. And different variations - from sky-blue to turquoise. Chocolate or plum shade - as an alternative for more closed girls.

Wise, romantic and strong girls, born under this sign, always attract the attention of men. They will be approached by cold shades - blond, ash-blond and even the color of a mallow. And to emphasize the creative nature of the Pisces-girls, you can color the strands in different colors of the rainbow.


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