Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Mocktail, the cocktail without an alcohol is presenting in Pekanbaru


Mocktail in the Living World PekanbaruMocktail in the Living World Pekanbaru - Mocktail comes from the word 'Mock' and 'Cocktail'. 'Cocktail' means a mixture of alcoholic beverages while 'Mock' means imitation. So Mocktail is a Fresh Drink that the concept comes from cocktails but this type does not contain alcohol.

This freshly processed mocktail drink comes in the city of Pekanbaru. Mentioned this menu can add nutrients in the body. This is because it can maintain the smoothness of the skin while simultaneously rejuvenating and preventing skin aging.

Riko Rinaldo as the business owner of Pako Fresh Mock who has educational background in the field of culinary trying to offer his creation to the community by processing and combining the type of recipe mocktail.

There are 20 variants mocktail presented. "The amount we serve is 20 variants, the special is Pako Taro Blend, Red Velvet Blend, and Greentea Blend" he said.

"For the price, still affordable, ranging from IDR 15 thousand only," he said again.

"We are present at Living Kitchen, third floor of Living World building located at Tuanku Tambusai road junction and Soekarno Hatta street Pekanbaru. Presented here because we see that very potential and many visitors to this area because of the atmosphere and the view that can enjoy the afternoon sunset" he said.

There is no special recipe on Mocktail, it only takes inspiration how to combine different kinds of ingredients Drink and support recipes such as combining pieces / collisions of fruit with syrup / juice and then in shake or just stirring (stirring smooth) and then added soda.


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