Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Woman with long hair should pay attention to this area or will have the bad odor comes from it


IllustrationIllustration - The odor released by our body is usually caused by fungi and bacteria. One of the places that rarely gets treatment is behind the ears.

Usually for women, take a shower without clearing the area of ??the head, and one that is rarely done is the cleaning is on the hair. Women clean or wash their hair occasionally.

As a result, sometimes smell the odor that comes from the back of the ear. The odor that we inhaled smell was like the smell of rotten cheese.

But, not to worry, it was not you alone who experienced this. This odor comes from the folds of your ears that may not be cleaned in the bath or the presence of bacteria and fungi that infect the back of the ear.

Fungi prefer to breed when your skin is moist and oily. Mentioned some experts, that the smell can also come from dead skin cells that accumulate and not cleaned. And it turns out that long-haired women more often experience it in the appeal of men and women who do not have long hair.

In addition, the use of shampoo and moisturizer also affects the incidence of this odor. People with excessive sweating are also more vulnerable to the risk of bad odor of the ears.

To overcome this, there is a simple way that needs to be done, that is enough by using an ear cleaner (cotton bud) which is then dipped into olive oil. Then apply behind the smelling ear. In addition it can also use cotton or tissue to clean it.

But it is best when bathing try to pay more attention to the back of your ear. Do not forget to clean it so you avoid the smell of rotten cheese.


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