Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Freeletics, the newest type of sport that you can do anywhere you are


IllustrationIllustration - Now more and more new types of sports that can make the body stay healthy and fit. One of them is freeletics, sports that can be done anywhere.

Reporting from the BodyWeight Workout, the term freeletics is taken from the word from free and athletic. Exercise that can be modified with this exercise movement has many benefits. For example can strengthen muscles, strengthen the heart and lung resistance, and burn fat and excess calories.

To perform this sport, try pushups, sit ups, burpees, squats, leg lever, and jumping jacks with a note of each movement performed in a certain time. Then combine the movement. For example, combine movement of burpees and squats or pushups and squats.

After doing freeletics, you should drink coconut water as a replacement of the body fluid that has been removed, so you can’t get dehydration. Many health journals suggest the consumption of coconut water after exercise because it can replace body fluids naturally. Therefore, the composition is similar to body fluids.

Quoted from Web MD, sports nutritionist Nancy Clark reveals coconut water contains carbohydrates that can be absorbed by the body more quickly. This is needed when someone exercises hard for more than three hours in hot weather.

So, do not be surprised if the coconut water is the choice of many athletes compared with other energy drinks. Now available Hydro Coco coconut water drink made from real coconut water without preservatives, dyes, and artificial sweeteners.


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