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The culprit of the accident went away with the taxi, while his friend was alive burned in the car


 his friend was alive burned in the car his friend was alive burned in the car - Firefighters discovered a charred female body on a passenger seat in a burned-out car Infiniti G35 on the expressway.

Later it turned out that the body belongs to 25-year-old Harlin Gruel. The driver and the culprit of the accident was 23-year-old Said Ahmed from Brooklyn. He was arrested in a hospital, where he underwent treatment for burns of hands, feet and neck.

As it became known due to the DVR of the witness of the accident, after a strong hit the car caught fire. Said got out of the car, then he caught a taxi and went to the hospital. At this time in the car his friend Harlin was burning alive.

Ahmed tried to justify his brother Ahmad Wahid, who insisted that the guy couldn’t do anything in that situation. Said's phone still in the burning car, so he couldn’t call the rescuers. And Vahid explains the burns of his brother by the fact, that his brother tried to save Harlin until the last.

"He just went crazy. Every time he is asked about what happened, he cries and cries. His girlfriend was burned alive", - Ahmad Wahid said.

Ahmed admitted to the police that he used alcohol before the accident. But the tests didn’t reveal anything in his blood.

Now Said is accused of causing death through negligence, leaving the place of an accident, lack of rights and speeding. Nothing is known yet about the possible punishment.


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