Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Professional mourners, the most bizarre jobs that exist in Ghana


IllustrationIllustration - Some people find it hard to cry when their loved ones die. But lamentation and sorrow are the best thing you can get in one of the African countries of Ghana because it is a symbol of the 'social standing' for the one who died or how much they are loved by their family and community.

So it is not surprising that some of the people of Ghana are willing to pay professional mourners to mourn the dead. Ami Dokli is the leader of one of several groups of professional mourners in Ghana.

As quoted by Oddity Central, she said that some people cannot cry during family funeral, so they depend on professional mourners to do the crying. Doctors and other women in her team were widows who decided to form this group after their husband died.

Crying for strangers is not easy, so these professional mourners charged a fee for their service, and the tariff adjusted to the size of the funeral. If it was a big cemetery, their tears would be more expensive.

The professional mourners are just one small part of the luxury associated with the funeral process in Ghana. People in the Black Continent will spend the same amount of money in their wedding ceremony.


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