Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Facebook filed two patents for its live streaming video feature


IllustrationIllustration - Facebook's social network giant filed two new patents. One of the concepts is like a selfie filter, but it only applies when the user is doing video streaming.

Both patents have been filed since last year but just published on this year. Reported by Mashable page, Saturday, July 7th, 2018, the first patent contains a process to smooth or soften the skin when appearing on video or images in real time.

Software used will be able to change the 'imperfections' in the skin such as stains, wrinkles, discoloration and uneven face surface. It is further explained that the filter will be able to do so without deleting the cool picture details such as the edges of the face, eyes, lips, and hair.

Meanwhile, the second patent is a feature that will act like a teleprompter on video streaming. In that way, users will be able to take notes and view them during streaming.

"This function will allow users to deliver live events with the help of scripts that use a single device and read scripts by looking in one direction" wrote on the archive of the patent document.

This feature is referred to as Facebook Live Notes on patent documents released. In the patent also suggests that there is another use on technology, namely for karaoke.


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