Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Sadia Bashir, the Pakistani woman who dominated the programming world in Pakistan


Sadia BashirSadia Bashir - Although women are more active in various sectors, the world of video games is still controlled by men, including in Pakistan. This fact did not make Sadia Bashir stepping down. She is not only played the game, but also began to develop it since the age of 13 years.

Because of her interest, she asked her parents to transfer her to another school in order to learn about programming. When going into college, she faced a difficult decision because she knew that her family would have difficulty financing it.

But because of her ability, Sadia managed to get a scholarship and can finish her education until graduation. "Usually parents tend to invest in the education of their child" she said.

She admitted to fascinate by the beauty of computer graphics. "That's where I started to make video games. For my final project, I created a game that helps cancer treatment by imitating the treatment of cancer cells in the patient's body" she said.

The goal is that the cancer patients can visualize how their treatment can overcome their illness.

Sadia worked in the video games industry for a year and a half, but she was not satisfied. "I realize my dream is to learn how to make my own video games. That's why I started my thesis and tried to find out what can be useful in making video games,"

Finally, she quit her job and founded an institution called Pixel Art Academy where she trained young Pakistanis how to make video games. "There is no concept of game design in the video games industry in Pakistan, many people have good ideas, but they have not been able to turn the idea into a good game, that's what we teach our students," she said.

Sadia believes that making games does not need education or special skills. "We are telling people that this can be done by anyone, regardless of what education they have. Even a school student or a housewife can make games" said the 29-year-old woman.


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