Friday, 22 Feb 2019

This man confessed had a time travel experience


IllustrationIllustration - In a video uploaded from the channel called Apex TV on YouTube, a man claimed to be involved in a future technology trial project as a time traveler. He accepted the offer while working at a government agency in the United Kingdom.

"They offered me a fee of 200 thousand Euro (IDR 3.3 billion) for this job, so I think it's good for my family" he said.

Interestingly, he claimed the government agency did not know entirety of work with time travel. However, as he admits, they are still running research for it. "People in government do not fully know exactly how this works, paradoxes can happen, all they know is that travel across time has the possibility to succeed and we try to find a way to make it happen" he said.

During this project, the time traveler claimed that he suddenly appeared on a skyscraper 347 years ahead from now, precisely in 2365. In a city he did not know, he witnessed a number of modern modes of transportation, such as cars and buses with flying capability.

"At the top of the skyscraper I saw many models of flying cars and other modern modes of transportation passing by me, some very long, some very small, there were buses and cars there, and I remember in the traffic higher there are planes that I have never seen before" he said about his experience.


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