Friday, 22 Feb 2019

This family from the UK lost EVERYTHING because of one mistake in Facebook!


This family from the UK lost EVERYTHING This family from the UK lost EVERYTHING - Warning: this can be with everyone! We need to spread this information so that this does not happen again!

Mark and Becky decided to move to get to work easier - they lived 13 km from the place of work. 22-year-old Becky began to look for a company in Facebook, which would help them move. She found it pretty quickly. The site of the company looked very professional. There were comments about their work done and everyone was happy. Becky called them. The person who answered the phone was Lee Green.

On the appointed day two men arrived and in 45 minutes took everything out of the apartment. "They seemed to be in a hurry somewhere. We thought they were professionals", - Becky said about them. When the girl came out to give them her new address, the truck was gone.

All that they had, evaporated: furniture, clothing, documents and even family photos. They turned to the police, but so far they haven’t found anything.
Their whole life seemed to go out. "They took even the ring that Mark gave me for the engagement, the toys of our children were also taken away", - Becky says with tears. The TV is the only thing left. His newlyweds wanted to transport their own, so as not to break.

"They broke our hearts. We will always be able to equip a new house, but no one will regain family memory", - the husband and wife say. They are not the first with whom this happened.
Social networks can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, nowadays many people use Facebook and Vkontakte for criminal purposes. It is necessary to distribute this information, so that not happens with somebody anymore.


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