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Hearing a weird squeak flying from sewer, residents of the house called rescuers


Hearing a weird squeak flying from sewer, residents of the house called rescuersHearing a weird squeak flying from sewer, residents of the house called rescuers - Not so long ago, firefighters in the Chinese district of Jinhua received a very unusual call. Hearing what the locals wanted from them, the men quickly run to help.

Arriving at the multi-storey residential building, the rescuers were slightly taken aback. From the sewerage of the fourth floor and in fact there was a cry of children!

The men were found in a pipe to drain the sewage of a tiny infant. The newborn boy was tightly stuck in the depth of the collector.
It wasn’t possible to pull out the baby with improvised means from rescuers, but time was running out. The firemen had to cut the pipe section completely and rush with it to the hospital!

In the hospital, doctors and rescuers began to trim the pipe carefully with the help of saws and pliers. The operation to release the baby from captivity took an hour, but in the end, the baby was able to get to the outside whole and relatively unscathed.
At first, doctors diagnosed a boy whose placenta was still attached to the body, heart problems. In addition, a lot of bruises and scratches were found on the baby's body. Subsequently, fortunately, the baby's condition stabilized.

The police practically immediately began to deal with the baby. In China, attempts at deliberate infanticide are not uncommon. However, they are mainly undertaken for female babies, as the most undesirable.
The boy's mother was found soon. She was a resident of the building, where everything happened, which caused the firefighters. As it turned out, a young woman was leaved by her boyfriend, and she had no money for abortion.
The mother gave birth to her son in the toilet herself, but claimed that she didn’t plan to get rid of the baby. According to her, the baby literally slipped into her in the pipe. To save the baby, the mother immediately called firefighters, but when they arrived, she was frightened of the consequences.

The story of the unhappy kid stirred the public. Since the name of the boy was not yet there, the press called him "baby 59", by the number under which he got to the hospital.
Soon people began to come to the hospital. The child was sacrificed with food, pampers, diapers and other things necessary for baby.
At least well that she called rescuers in time, otherwise the fate of the baby would have been sealed.


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