Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Brazil national team was pelted with stones and eggs by their own supporters when they came back to their homeland


Brazil national team was pelted by their own supportersBrazil national team was pelted by their own supporters - Failed in the 2018 World Cup, the Brazilian national team received an unfeasible welcome after the bus on which Samba Team drove in was pelted with stones by its own supporters.

Brazil's opportunity to win the 2018 World Cup was not achieved after a 2-1 defeat against Belgium in the quarter-finals which held at Kazan Arena on Friday, July 6th 2018 local time. In the game that Belgium won through the owned goal from Fernandinho and Kevin De Bruyne, while Brazil goal was scored by Renato Augusto.

Quoted from Sportbible, Brazilian national team who rode on the green bus was blocked by the number of supporters. The five times World Cup champion supporters also pelted their beloved team with rocks and eggs.

Officers at the location could not do much. The officers are only tried to warn the thrower to not continue their action. Not long, the bus was back on its way.

But the fans did not stop the throw. Some of them were still upset with the failure of Neymar and his friends continued to pelt the bus. Video throwing to the Brazilian national team was widely circulated in social media, one of them uploaded via Twitter account @ 2ahtnamas.

It is a form of disappointment because the Brazilian national team could not fix their failure in the 2014 World Cup. When hosted, Brazil also failed to become champion after losing in the semi-finals because of the defeat against Germany with the score of 1-7.


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